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Responsive Timeline for WordPress

Responsive Timeline for Wordpress

Build a simple, interactive, historical timeline with RT TIMELINE.


  • Unlimited timeline for in post or page
  • Show images like slider or thumbnail slider
  • 6 different style
  • 76 different animation effect
  • Alignment(Left/Center/Right) option in every style

Cool Timeline Pro – WordPress Responsive Timeline Plugin

Cool Timeline Pro – WordPress Responsive Timeline Plugin

Cool Timeline Pro is an advanced WordPress timeline plugin that showcases your life history or your company’s story in a responsive vertical chronological order based on the year and the date of your posts.Extensions Bundle.

  • Create Multiple Timeline Stories – Create unlimited timeline stories inside your WordPress website or blog.
  • Timeline Scrolling Navigation – Quickly and easily navigate your timeline with a beautiful scrolling navigation inside your timeline.
  • Historical Dates – Allow you to set dates between the years 1850-2020.
  • Stories Content Format – Add different type of content like Video, Slideshow, Image in your story.
  • Stories Category Management – Add stories in specific category.
  • Advanced Style Options – Customize with your own colors, styles.
  • Story Single Page – Custom single story page.
  • Animation Effects – Add animation effects on timeline scroll.
  • Stories Images in popup – Display stories images in popup.
  • Stories Images Slideshow – Add images slideshow in stories.

dFlip – 3D & 2D Flipbook WordPress Plugin

dFlip - 3D & 2D Flipbook Wordpress Plugin

DFlip is a high quality, realistic flipbook plugin for WordPress with smooth effects to stun your viewers. It has PDF support inbuilt and you can have easy PDF integration without any extra extension. It’s very responsive and device friendly. You will have almost all features you’ll lookout for: like hot-spots, PDF annotations, outline, custom outline, image support, etc all in a single package.

Nest : Fly-Out Sliding Panels for WordPress

Nest : Fly-Out Sliding Panels for WordPress

Nest is a wordpress plugin that adds animated fly-out panels to any website.Whether it’s text, video, images, forms, shortcodes or any other type of content, Nest allows you to display it in massively customizable fly-out panels.

  • Create fly-out sliding panels to display any content
  • Side-wide, per-post and/or per-page fly-out slides
  • The fly-out panels are massively and easily customizable
  • Each fly-out panel can be customized independently for vastly different results
  • Smooth and stutter-free animations even on older devices

Newscodes : News, Magazine and Blog Elements for WordPress

Newscodes : News, Magazine and Blog Elements for Wordpress

News, Magazine and Blog Elements for WordPress! Welcome to the future of your posts! Newscodes will dramatically revolutionize how you use and display your posts and improve the way your visitors interact with your content on news, magazine websites and blogs or just about any project you are working on that uses posts to generate and present content.

  • 20+ awesome Newscodes post layouts
  • Unlimited Newscodes Styles
  • Newscdes Tabbed Elements
  • Newscodes Style Manager and Editor with Preview possibility from the Admin page
  • Support for all Post Types
  • Post Filters
  • Post Taxonomy Filters
  • Post Meta Filters
  • Changeable Filter Relation
  • Ajax Load

Responsive SVG Handwriting Font Animation Script

Responsive SVG Handwriting Font Animation Script

You can create easily SVG text with any font and animate it in your wordpress dashboard or directly in your PHP file.

  • Compatible with any browser, including Internet Explorer
  • Use your own font file. Any font can be used
  • Publish your animation anywhere with a few lines of PHP code.
  • Using presets.
  • Create stylish animations unlimited and publish in 5 minutes.

Hover Effects Builder – WordPress Plugin

Hover Effects Builder - WordPress Plugin
  • Apply CSS3 hover effects to the images on your website without any CSS coding knowledge.
  • Assign any of predefined effects to featured images for standard and custom post formats.
  • Create your own hover effects with unlimited variations of styles and colors in our Editor.
  • Combine different effects to create unique animation hover effects.
  • Apply fully customizable shortcode to any image in WordPress Post/Page Editor.

Mikado Grid Gallery for WordPress

Mikado Grid Gallery for WordPress

Mikado is a WordPress image gallery based on random grids with a lot of features.

It’s responsive and images will adapt with a nice and smooth animation when the browser is resized. You just need to decide width (also percentage) and height and Mikado will create a random grid inside the rectangle.


  • Fully responsive and fluid layout;
  • Dynamic filters and filtering animations
  • Size of the gallery, width and height. The width can be in percentage so it perfect for responsive sites;
  • Margin between images;
  • 5 Lightboxes;
  • WordPress widget;
  • Multiple galleries on same page;
  • Great for mobile and tablets;

Animatic : Advanced WordPress Frontend Animator

Animatic : Advanced WordPress Frontend Animator

Animate your existing stuff in your website and create complex animation composed of your images.

  • Create complex & layered animations composed of multiple images,
  • Integrates right into the Media Manager for easy image placement for animating,
  • Live frontend editing using the Animatic Panel,
  • Very easy to use and intuitive controls,
  • 50+ Animations & transitions,
  • Change values using your mouse,
  • Hardware accelerated animations,
  • Bonus: includes the Animatic Visual Composer element

Animatrix Creative – Drawing SVG Animations Plugin

Animatrix Creative - Drawing SVG Animations Plugin

Animatrix Creative allows you to draw and animate SVG images.Professional SVG Image WYSIWYG Editor is included in this plugin, and can be accessed from the admin area. You can draw with the default Pencil tool or create shapes out of the rich Shapes library.

All SVG images are animated on the front-side, by mimicking the drawing process. You can also export and save the SVG image as well.

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