Like & View – jQuery Facebook Content Locker

Like & View - jQuery Facebook Content Locker

Increase advertising revenue and the number of visitors to your site using the content lock based on the Facebook Like Button. Lock the most interesting part of your articles, links, images, videos, etc. The plugin allows you to lock the specified content on the page until the user clicks on the Like button. It intrigues users and significantly increases the number of likes for pages that generates an additional traffic from the social network.


  • Blocking any type of content: text, images, links, forms, etc.
  • Smart lock depending on the type of the locked content. For example, the links are locked differently than text paragraphs.
  • Unlimited number of locks using on the page with the blocked content.
  • Full integration with the already installed Like Buttons.
  • About 20 parameters to configure the plugin!
  • Any url can be specified to like.
  • Easy and completely ready to use plugin.
  • Fully customizable appearance.

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